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Is Your Portfolio Up With The Times?


The Best and Worst Places to Retire

There is no right or wrong answer for where you should retire, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to be prepared to plan for it. It's a big question that we ask clients because where they plan to move to, or whether they plan to move at all, can have a big effect on their budget, tax implications, real estate costs, and more. [...]

The New Tax Law: Control the Controllables

The new tax bill has been on the front pages of the papers, and in the front of everyone's minds for weeks now. We've had several different conversations with people about what changes are included and how it can affect them, but there is a one single financial planning rule of thumb that comes to mind in each of these conversations. [...]

Your Financial Scorecard

We all like to be successful. Whether it’s with exercise goals, winning at a card game, or getting a promotion a work. We like to be able to see proof that we are doing well. That makes financial planning difficult for many people. [...]

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