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Keeping Your Finances Secure During Natural Disasters

Now, I understand that compared to your family's safety, your home, and your community as you know it, your finances may seem insignificant; but protecting your finances can provide some measure of peace during an otherwise stressful situation. Let me share some ideas of how to help protect yourself financially, if you are ever facing such an event. [...]

It Is Not Just Your Kids Who Need Help

The balance of dependency will shift, and our children will be responsible for all the things that we once did for them: they will drive us to the store, make our meals, and so on. In fact, many of us are experiencing this firsthand with our own parents as we transition into the role of caretaker for them. [...]

What Is Your Inflation Rate?

Their current combination of CDs and a splattering of outdated buy-and-hold mutual funds will not get them to their goal, since there is no inflation hedge. I explained that while certain investments might seem to give a decent return, when you build inflation into their current investment model, it actually shows a loss of purchasing power over time. [...]

Teaching Our Youth The Value Of Saving

Over the years, we've have covered many topics in this column that we feel are important to our youth, including the benefit of saving money, the value of creating a budget, managing risk, and the importance of creating a financial system. [...]

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